Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Baby update

Well, I went to the doctor today for my ob appointment.  We were expecting to schedule a c-section for sometime next week.  Last week, the baby was not engaged, and I was not dialated or effaced at all.  Because I have gestational diabetes, there are a few concerns that my doctor had that made him lean toward doing a c-section, especially since my first was a c-section.  For one thing, this baby is getting awfully big…on Monday I had an ultrasound that estimated him at almost 10 pounds, and I was 37 weeks as of Sunday.  The concern is for his shoulders being too big…If I deliver “normally,” his head could fit fine, but his shoulders could get stuck, which would put both the baby and myself at risk.  Also, the placenta deteriorating soon is another concern because of the gestational diabetes, and they don't like you to go much past 39 weeks.  They can't induce me because the stronger contractions that usually come along with being induced could rupture the scar from my previous c-section.  So with me experiencing nothing different over the last week, we were really expecting to get everything in place for the c-section today.
All that to say, when the doctor checked me today, the baby had dropped, and I am now 80% effaced and 2-3 cm dialated!  Even he was excited, because unlike a lot of doctors I hear stories about these days, he would really like to avoid another c-section if at all possible.  He knows that dh and I are planning (Lord willing, of course!) to have a lot of children, and that he said he has performed many c-sections on one woman, he also knows that a second c-section in a row would pretty much diminish my chances of ever delivering naturally again.  But, I will do whatever is healthiest for the baby.  However he is born, I want him healthy and in my arms.
I am just so excited that it could happen any time now!!!!

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