Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sugar highs...or lows?

Oh, my, what a week it has been!  Last Monday, we finally settled back into our homeschooling routine here with Vincent.  He has been doing really well, too, and excited to get back to it.  We started learning more about dinosaurs, as he is really into them right now.  We are reading out of a book called “Dinosaurs by Design” by Duane T. Gish.  It is a really good book, as it takes on a biblical approach to the dinosaurs.
Despite being back to school, Vincent had been acting impossible for the last few days.  Nick and I couldn't figure out what was going on, especially since once he has school work to keep him occupied, he's usually pretty mellow.  Well, today we found out what was going on.  Nick found on the floor a little round pink thing and we weren't sure if it was a piece of candy or some sort of pill or something.  Vincent claimed he found it in his pocket.  I was freaking out looking on (they have a very good pill identifier there) to see if I could find this thing on there.  Meanwhile, Nick tried to get out of Vincent where he got it from.  After lying and throwing a bunch of fits (very unlike Vincent), he finally broke down and led Nick to the kitchen closet/pantry.  In there, I have a box with holiday baking supplies, including many different kinds of sprinkles and such.  Well, he had been getting into those and he proceeded to show Nick which ones he had tried and whether or not he liked them .  I could not believe it, but at least we know where this behavior was coming from.  By this point, Vincent had calmed down enough to go take a nap without throwing a fit about it.  And all the sugar (and I'm sure there was tons of red 40 in that stuff as well that was contributing just as much) is hidden out of reach again, at least I hope .  I thought it was last time, too, but apparently, those darn kids keep growing and getting smarter .
So now, Vincent and Andrew are both taking naps at the same time…praise God!  And Nick has gone off to work for the evening, so for the first time in a while, I've had time to get on this…this…oh yeah, it's called a computer!  I've had time to get on the computer and do a little update and catch up on A LOT of email.

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