Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Getting ready for Monday

I'm sooo excited.  Dh and I decided to order kindergarden curriculum from My Father's World.  I started Vincent on it last week.  I have been looking through all the lessons and I am so excited to do this .  There's a lot of the Charlotte Mason approach integrated into the curriculum.  I've been doing more structured schooling with hopes of working my way to CM, but ironically, felt I needed a guided CM approach.  And MFW, I feel, is exactly this.  There is some workbook work, but it's mostly DOING things and reading storybooks; I love it!
Right now, we're in the introduction part, which usually takes two weeks, but I'm doing 2 per day with Vincent, since he already knows his alphabet and numbers pretty well, and this curriculum starts out assuming students do not know these things.  Which will be wonderful when it's time for Andrew to do school.  This is such an easier approach to phonics than what I started out with with Vincent…I think we were both getting frustrated.  I had the worksheets, but no guidance on how to go about teaching phonics.  MFW even gives you what to say!  LOL That's exactly what I needed to start out!  Can you tell I am so happy and excited to have gotten this curriculum? 
We have already decided we are going to use MFW for 1st grade, as well.  Since we're officially starting at such an odd time of the year, we will be done by August, have time to give Vincent some time off, and get him started on 1st grade by September.  So he will be a whole year ahead, as he will turn 5 this coming March.
Anyway, I am going through making sure the basic house stuff is done, like dh's work shirts ironed for tomorrow, dishes done, and general picking up done.  As soon as we get up tomorrow, I want to have breakfast, do my quiet time in the Word, then get going on school.  Once we get that done, I can start on some serious de-cluttering around here.  It's so great to finally get back into a routine!

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