Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Wednesday Bright and Early

LOL I know this probably isn't too early for some, but it is amazing that I got up early enough to be on here by now.  For Andrew's last feeding of the night, I just decided to get up and get moving.  Nick is working all day today, so hopefully much will be done when he arrives home tonight.  He thought he was starting to get sick with a cold last night, but he awoke feeling better today.  Hopefully, the long workday won't bring back those feelings of being sick.
I have my pot of hot water brewing in the coffee pot right now.  I do that so that all the day long I can choose; coffee, tea, or cocoa.  I have a tray out on my counter that has a variety of tea bags, coffee bags, cocoa packets along with my own cocoa mix, individual creamers and packets of sugar.  Then in the morning I just run plain water through the coffe pot to keep it hot all day.  That way, it caters to whatever mood I'm in (dh doesn't like drinking hot beverages if he can help it).  Plus, I'm ready if company decides to drop by.
So, I'm waiting for my pot of water to finish, then I can have my quiet time in God's word.  After that, I will get Vincent started on school, then work on the disaster zone that is my front porch.  We've got bags upon bags of baby clothes that Nick had pulled out of the basement and that people have given us when Andrew was born.  I need to sort these out by size and get them ready to store until we need them.
Until next time…

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