Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Friday, December 1, 2006

It's done!

I have finally gotten through our upstairs porch!  Now, it's not perfect, as Nick still needs to go through all the hunting/camping stuff to organize it better, but I got what I could into bins for now and you can actually walk through the room!  I put the carpet down, too, although not tacked or anything yet...needs to be flattened out anyway.

And here's all the toys, completely sorted out!  Whew...

I am so proud of Vincent, as he's been keeping them that way, too!  I still think we need to pare down, but at least everything's organized now.  And they are NOT going back into his bedroom...been there, done that!  I let him take out a small bucket of cars at a time, or 1 set of something (such as army guys or construction workers), or just plain 2 toys at a time now.  Everything gets put back in it's place before something else comes out.  This has been working out quite well over the last week.

Oh, and I filled the garage sale bag the rest of the way (left) and another whole kitchen bag full of garbage that I am on my way to haul out right now as soon as I get a nice tall glass of cold water .

Whew!!!!  Now that that's all done, I can finally get on to de-cluttering some other things...preferrably something that won't take quite so long !  Time for a break...I'll try to be back later to show you what's up for dinner!

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