Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm tired and I need a routine!

I woke up tired today, and have been soooooo tired all day...I think it's my MS rearing it's ugly head in the form of fatigue.  Around here, we have fallen into the "routine" of not having a routine, and I think that's wearing on me as well.  I need a routine, but every time I try to get one going, it hasn't even lasted an entire day.  So, I am going to start small.

My first priority is having quiet time with my Lord first thing in the morning.  This hasn't worked out as much as I would like to lately, because I usually don't wake up until I hear Andrew crying on the monitor.  I don't give myself any alone time in the morning, usually because I've been just too tired to get up until I have to.  So, the first thing I need to work on is getting up before the kids so that I have some good, uninterrupted time in the Word.  This is probably the most difficult thing that I will have to do for now.  So, before I can do that, I am going to have to make sure I'm getting enough sleep, and taking my vitamins and such like I should be doing.

Now, Nick usually gets up at 6:50 in the morning for work, so I think tomorrow I will have the alarm set for 6:15.  I will get up, spend time with the Lord, and then take my bath, wash my hair, get dressed for the day, and send my hubby off to work.  That is all I will PLAN on for now...once I get this established, I will start adding things to my morning routine.  Otherwise, it's too overwhelming if I try to get it all planned out at once.

So, here's what my morning routine looks like so far:

1.  Wake up.
2.  Quiet time with the Lord.
3.  Bath/wash hair.
4.  Dress, fix hair.
5.  Send Nick off to work.

I think I'll try this for a few days, and hopefully I will get used to it.  I know that whenever I start my day out in fellowship with my Lord, the whole day is always better than if I skip it or wait until later.

The other house cleaning things that I absolutely HAVE to get done daily are:

1.  Keep up on dishes.
2.  Run a load of laundry.
3.  Swipe down bathroom.
4.  Keep house picked up.

I am ashamed to say that lately, the only one of those I have even bothered to keep up with was #1, and occasionally #4.  Even with homeschooling Vincent, there is no excuse for this.  I need to get back on track, because I am sure the state of the house (no matter how neat it looks on the surface) is really one of the major things wearing me out.  And I know I'm not doing the boys any favors by not having a set routine.  Vincent never knows what's going to happen next, and I know that's not very good for him (or his behavior!).

My gut feeling is to just rush into this and create all my daily, weekly, and monthly routines RIGHT NOW and run headlong into the whole thing starting tomorrow.  LOL!  But, I know from personal experience that doesn't really work .

Here is the list of priorities I will be keeping in mind as I gradually give our "routine" a makeover:
1.  God
2.  Husband
3.  Children
4.  Home

I will try to remember to expand somewhat sometime about how these priorities will be helping to shape the routine here at our home.  For now, while the boys are napping, it's off to relax and rest myself for when my dh comes home!

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