Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Okay, I didn't get up when I wanted to this morning, but I did get everything done that I wanted to .  Plus, I am rid of the fatigue!  I'm still setting the alarm for 6:15 tomorrow morning again, because this is something I definitely need to work on.

I also have a praise about my son.  Vincent is pretty strong-willed, and it is rare to have 2 good days in a row with him.  He has been VERY good all week this week!  Praise the Lord!  I am sooooo pleased with him .  And, he just seems to keep getting better.  There have been NO issues as of yet today.  Woohoo!  Just thought I'd share .

I've got the dishes done, and we have already done school for the day.  Just one more day, and Vincent will be done with Kindy!  Yay!  We did start at an odd time last year, so that's why we're finishing so soon.  As soon as we get our tax refund, we will be ordering his first grade curriculum from My Father's World.  I am so excited, and so is he.  I hope to get done with it by September so that we can start 2nd grade then and get back on track (with the school year), but not a big deal if we don't...I don't want to push too much.  He's already ahead, so we've had the luxury of taking our time when we need to.

Anyway, I'm off to fix lunch.  Then Vincent gets his time outside, and then it's naptime!  Have a good day everyone!

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