Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Saturday, June 30, 2007

What a day!

Whew, I am exhausted!  Today was my and Nick's renewal of our wedding vows.  It was an awesome day!  We got to see people we hadn't seen in awhile, and a good time of fellowship for all.  We also had family and friends there in whom I hope some seeds were planted for the Lord.  I hope we were nothing but good witnesses for Him.  Well, that's it for now, I am absolutely exhausted, and it will be at least another hour before the boys go to bed.  Nick is out with my brother fishing LOL!  We will do our "honeymoon" tomorrow...Nick's dad is coming over to watch the boys and we will go for a nice ride on the motorcycle...Nick found some pretty nice trails along the Mississippi River to ride.  Yay!  I can't wait!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ten Years of Bliss?

Yesterday, Nick and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  It would be a lie to tell you it has been 10 years of absolute bliss, because we have had our ups and downs like most married couples.  But overall, I would have to say, yes, we are very blessed.  The Lord definitely knew what he was doing when he brought Nick and I together.  We did not know the Lord very well at the time, but He knew how we would together come to Him years later, all because He set the stage just right in our lives.  We may not have been interested in a relationship with Jesus, but He was there the whole time, waiting, nudging, and guiding us toward that day when we would finally open our eyes and say "YES" to Him.

And now, on Saturday, we are renewing our vows.  We are getting "re-married" to each other, both of us having a full knowledge of, and relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He has strengthened us so much, not just individually, but He has done so much in our marriage.  Not that it was a "bad" marriage anyway.  But to now know the Lord and to look back at how things could have gone without Him, I can't even imagine...All I know is that I can't wait until Saturday!  We will be publicly dedicating our marriage and our lives to the Lord.  Now, I can't exactly speak for Nick, but I can say that I am more in love with my husband than ever.  And each day that passes, I love him even more.

Yesterday we celebrated by having Nick's dad come over and watch the kids.  Nick just got his motorcycle back from the shop (he rode it once since he had his endorsement, then it broke down), so I got to go for my first ride.  It was a little scary, but a lot of fun!  We rode up to the mall and window shopped awhile; we stopped at Bath & Body Works and found some really good deals.  We walked out of there with probably about $60 worth of stuff for under $20!  Then we went over to Applebee's for brother had given Nick a gift card for Father's Day, so we used that.  Then we went home, got the kids off to bed, and RELAXED.  Oh, yes, and Nick came home from work yesterday with a dozen long-stemmed red roses.   He is so sweet...he still gets me flowers all the time, and I never get tired of it.  My vase hardly ever gets put back in the cupboard, because Nick keeps it filled.

Okay, I'm done gushing for now LOL!