Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

Isn't it the middle of summer, now???  Boy, the way things have been around here, it seems like it's still been approaching.  We have been unbelievably busy around here.  But, alas, all I have to do to remind myself it's the MIDDLE of summer is step outside.  Whew!  It's 90 degrees and very humid today, and it's supposed to climb to 95 tomorrow.

We are in the middle of adjusting to Nick's new schedule.  He is back to working afternoons, back at his old job!  Yay!  He left a year ago to try an office job, and he did NOT like it.  He likes to move around and talk to people while he's working, but he's been stuck in a cubicle on the phone or doing data entry all day.  Definitely not him LOL!

We are also wrapping up 1st grade with Vincent.  We only have a couple more weeks to go, and then we get a 2-week break, then we will start 2nd grade the last week of August.  Vincent also has VBS this week, and I am helping out with that as well, so that's a good 3-hour chunk out of our day away from home.  Next Monday is also Vincent's last T-ball game, and it will be kids vs. parents.  LOL!  I told Nick he can go play and I will run the ought to be interesting. 

Right now, I'm taking a short break, and then I'll be off and running again.  I have dinner in the oven (homemade mac n cheese yum!), dishes done, and laundry in the dryer.  As soon as the dryer's done, I'll take my bath, get the kids up and have Vincent take a bath.  Then we'll eat and then it's off to VBS...I imagine bedtime will be shortly after we get home. 

(A tired and weary) Lisa

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