Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Productive Friday

Well, I’m just stopping by while taking a break in a busy day.  My neurologist has me on a one-day steroid treatment once per month to help with the other MS stuff.  I guess it’s working, because I have been on the go since I got up this morning!  Here’s what I’ve gotten done so far:
Made bed
Cleaned bedroom (including putting all clean laundry away)
Got laundry running (one load in washer and one in dryer now)
Last night’s dishes (I know, I shoulda had them done, but it doesn’t always get done!)
Picked up and put away things where they belong around the house
Weeded and swept the front yard (now it’s ready for hubby to mow tomorrow)
Washed down the outside of the front door and the two windows I can reach :-)
Got the garbage and compost out
Now I want to start working on the backyard.  That will take a lot more work than the front, so I doubt I will get it done today, but I want to get as much done as possible.  I also have to finish up the laundry, iron some shirts for dh, scrub down the bathroom and sweep the floors.  And once I get the yard done, I will resume de-cluttering on the inside of the house :-) .  I need to finish the living room and our front porch, then the downstairs will be done.  The bedrooms are another story and will probably take me awhile.  Then, it’s on to the basement.  It’s still somewhat of a disaster, but luckily, I got a lot of work down there this spring, and the garage sale cleared A LOT of stuff out for us.  I know we will have plenty more for a garage sale next year and hopefully, we will pretty much be done with the de-cluttering…and KEEPING the clutter out!
Yesterday, I went to the library and checked out a pile of readers, picture books, books with CD’s, and some Ranger Rick magazines for Vincent.  That will be our "school" for now, until I can order curriculum.  I figure as long as he keeps on practicing reading, and is reading good things, he will be just fine until we officially start, and will even be better prepared as he has more time to practice reading :-) .
Anyway, this got a lot longer than I planned, but I do like to get things "down on paper."  LOL!  If I’m not back on in a couple of days, have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A great deal!

Well, through some searching I did, I found a Christian library at a church here.  Our church has a library, but this is a REAL library LOL!  It is such a great find…they have all kinds of books and resources we’ll be able to use for school.  They also have a section of books that they are selling, and we found the "Handbook of Nature Study," by Anna Botsford Comstock…for only $1!!!  I looked it up on Amazon, and the cheapest used was going for $21.  So, wow, we really got a steal!  Even though I’m doing My Father’s World, I had seen this on Ambleside Online and had been looking at getting it for the days we do our nature walks.  There was no way we would have been able to afford it, considering we haven’t even ordered the curriculum yet.  Praise God, He always provides!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Slooooooooow week so far

Well, first grade has been behind us for a couple of weeks now, and we have been getting much done around here around the house, especially last week.  Which is good, because it has been rainy and dreary the last few days, and it’s supposed to stay that way all week.  This is really taking it’s toll on me and making me very tired, so the last couple of days I’ve been getting the bare bones basics done and not much else.  And thank God for crock pots.  :-)   Dinner is in the crock pot for tonight, and the entire house smells good.
Well, I am as prepared as I am going to get for 2nd grade.  Now all I need to do is order the curriculum.  We are still waiting to have enough money, as we are a little behind right now.  Dh is just starting to get better hours at his part-time job, after having a few months of down-time there, and we are still trying to catch up.  I need to be vigilant, because while I am anxious to get started, I don’t want to be stressing him out by bugging him about when we can get the curriculum.  He just doesn’t need the stress right now…he knows we need it and he has told me he will take care of it, so I just need to trust that the Lord will provide in HIS timing, not my own.
I am sooooo glad I worked hard on getting our home in order last week, as it has made this "lazy" time much easier.  I haven’t really done a whole lot yesterday and today, but I can honestly say I wouldn’t be embarrassed by a surprise visit, so that’s good!  My kitchen and hallway are both completely de-cluttered.  :-)   The dining room doesn’t need any de-cluttering, and I need dh’s help with the living room.  The movie cabinet is "his" area, so I’m not touching a thing unless he’s helping LOL!  He also said if I can find an empty tote, he will go through his clothes…right now, we have a laundry basket full of his clothes that won’t fit in his dresser…it’s been sitting around for months now, so it will be nice to have that gone!  And let me tell ya, it has been really hard to NOT deep clean while de-cluttering, but I know I have been able to get as much done as I have because I have managed to hold myself off from deep cleaning!  LOL!  I figure once all the main areas are de-cluttered, I will go through and do a "fall cleaning."  I never really got around to spring cleaning this year, so this will be nice.  :-)
Anyway, the boys are napping, so I’m off to make my rounds of the blogs.  Have a nice Monday everyone!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A moving skit

I was just browsing some blogs today and found out there is an answer to YouTube called GodTube!  I was browsing some of the videos and found this.  It made me cry.  It really gives a good visual as to our relationship to God.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Finishing up first grade

Well, tomorrow is the first of the last four days of first grade for Vincent.  He has done so well this year, and we have had so much fun!  He has especially seemed to pick up his reading lately.  We will take a few weeks off, and hopefully will be able to start second grade the last Tuesday of August.  We still have to order Adventures from My Father’s World, just waiting for enough funds to come in.  :-)   If we start a little late, no big deal…that’s one of the many benefits of homeschooling.  :-)
On the homefront, I am trying to get de-cluttered and organized.  On Friday, I started with the easiest room, the bathroom.  LOL!  Now I am finishing up taking inventory of all our food so I can go through and make menus.  We have sooo much food here, we shouldn’t have to go grocery shopping for weeks (except for milk and fruit and such) if I do it right.  This should 1) free up some space around the house, 2) save us a TON of money (we’ve been eating out and eating convenience food way too much lately), and 3) help me how to learn to cook more from scratch and learn to use what I have.  I want to learn to make as much from scratch as possible.  Out of snacks?  Well, I’m going to have to make some.  Don’t have a certain ingredient for a recipe?  Well, is it something I can make from something I do have?
A lot of this comes from the fact that lately, I haven’t been a very good steward of dh’s hard-earned money.  And he never (okay, hardly ever LOL) complains.  I just see so many things I can be making/doing (or learning to do!) myself that we are spending money on unnecessarily.
And I hope to be on here a little more regularly again.  I have missed reading all the wonderful blogs here at HSB!  I hope everyone is ready and well-rested for Monday!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Please pray

Please pray for all involved in the Minneapolis bridge collapse.  If you would like to see the story on it, just Google "bridge collapse minneapolis."  Pray for the victims, their families, rescue workers, doctors, nurses, and all involved that I’m not thinking of.  God holds each one in His hand.