Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Finishing up first grade

Well, tomorrow is the first of the last four days of first grade for Vincent.  He has done so well this year, and we have had so much fun!  He has especially seemed to pick up his reading lately.  We will take a few weeks off, and hopefully will be able to start second grade the last Tuesday of August.  We still have to order Adventures from My Father’s World, just waiting for enough funds to come in.  :-)   If we start a little late, no big deal…that’s one of the many benefits of homeschooling.  :-)
On the homefront, I am trying to get de-cluttered and organized.  On Friday, I started with the easiest room, the bathroom.  LOL!  Now I am finishing up taking inventory of all our food so I can go through and make menus.  We have sooo much food here, we shouldn’t have to go grocery shopping for weeks (except for milk and fruit and such) if I do it right.  This should 1) free up some space around the house, 2) save us a TON of money (we’ve been eating out and eating convenience food way too much lately), and 3) help me how to learn to cook more from scratch and learn to use what I have.  I want to learn to make as much from scratch as possible.  Out of snacks?  Well, I’m going to have to make some.  Don’t have a certain ingredient for a recipe?  Well, is it something I can make from something I do have?
A lot of this comes from the fact that lately, I haven’t been a very good steward of dh’s hard-earned money.  And he never (okay, hardly ever LOL) complains.  I just see so many things I can be making/doing (or learning to do!) myself that we are spending money on unnecessarily.
And I hope to be on here a little more regularly again.  I have missed reading all the wonderful blogs here at HSB!  I hope everyone is ready and well-rested for Monday!

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