Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ah, the Adventures!

When you pray, God answers!  He gave me the strength and patience to persevere, and both mamma and son are happy campers!  Vincent has been so good the last few days, and we're keeping at it!

Today for science, we made homemade playdough...what fun!  Vincent picked green for the color, of course (it's his favorite!).  I'm thinking later on when my energy comes back, I will make another batch in blue for Andrew.  He'll love that!  It will be fun to watch them play with it later.    Friday we will make some bread, tape a piece of paper with John 6:35 written on it, and give it to a neighbor.

On the homefront, dh got his hunting stuff out of the hallway, so I was able to move our bookshelf and small school desk there from the porch.  More space to put stuff!  We still have our game cabinet and roll top desk out there, so we need to go through those and either pack stuff up or find somewhere to keep it that is NOT in the porch.  We are using one side of the porch for stuff that we are keeping but won't need until after we move, that we can pack up.  The other side of the porch is for stuff we're getting rid of.  Neither side has very much yet, so I need to get moving!  LOL!  I hope to get much done this weekend and fill up that porch.  I also have a big stack of stuff I need to get listed on eBay starting tomorrow.  It will be so nice to get some of this stuff out of here to make more space!

Another good thing happening around here is meals!  I'm getting back into the good habit of making sure we don't have to run out to some fast-food place because I didn't plan anything.  All the food is now upstairs from our basement pantry, and I have been happily going through it, using it in some of our old favorites, as well as trying out new recipes.  There is a free-standing hutch I have next to my stove that I store food in that we will not be able to take with us, so my goal is to try to whittle things down so that I don't have to use it anymore.  Might as well get used to less space now, rather than be shocked when I'm forced into it later, right?  That's basically our ultimate goal as we sort through things.  We want to see how much we can consolidate things and we eventually don't want to rely on the extra storage we have right now, because that will make it easier than trying to get rid of stuff after we've tried squeezing it into our new place and we find it just won't work.

Anyway, the little one's up from his nap, and I need to go start dinner. 

Have a good day, everyone!

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