Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Thursday, November 8, 2007

We're expecting!

I just took a test the other of Tuesday I was 4 weeks along.    I have stopped all my medication and I am doing great.  I do ask for prayers that the Lord will protect this little one, and that the meds I took before I knew won't do anything to harm him/her.  I do have comfort that the Lord gave us this little blessing, and that HE is in full control.    This will be our 5th pregnancy, 3rd child, and we even have names picked out...we've had a list going for awhile.   Rebekah or Isaac.

Anyway, most women with MS go into remission when they are pregnant, so it will be nice not to have to do the injections and such for awhile.  My goal is to eat as healthy as I can this pregnancy, because with the others...let's just say I gave in too much to cravings.  When I was pregnant last with the youngest, I developed gestational diabetes, so I want to avoid that if at all possible.  I also would like to maintain exercise.  I still haven't gotten up to much in time on my elliptical, but at least it's something...I really would like to make time to use it more often.

So that is the news in our home, praise the Lord!

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