Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Hubby is on his way home from deer camp right now!  He has been gone all weekend and I miss him and can't wait to see him!  The house is even ready for the chaos that's sure to come with unpacking his stuff.   

I have gotten much done in the way of de-cluttering as well.  I've gotten all the baby/kid clothes separated from the other stuff in the basement and have been running the washer/dryer for a few days now, in between our regular laundry.  I have separated the clothes according to size and bagged up the items I know for sure I don't want to keep.  Everything else will wait until I have all the clothes washed, then I will go through and decide on 7 outfits per size, per season (warm/cold) and get rid of the rest.  This is one thing that will significantly reduce storage items for us.

I also now have all the toys up from the basement.  I have one more bin of stuff to wash.  Then, after the clothes are taken care of, I will get all the toys in one spot and start some serious culling.

I'm also excited because I found a bin full of Halloween and Thanksgiving deco I forgot I had.  We don't do Halloween anymore, so I put all of that in the porch on the "get rid of" side, and cleaned off and put the Thanksgiving stuff around the house.  I did that one night while the boys were sleeping and the next morning, my youngest was walking around "ooooooh-ing" and "ahhhhhh-ing."  LOL!  It was so cute!

It is so, so, so nice to really start getting this stuff done.  It gives me more inspiration to keep up on the laundry LOL!  I actually like going down in the basement now to do laundry, and seeing all the space that's being created by getting these things taken care of!

Anyway, the youngest is napping now, and the oldest is eating his lunch.  I need to go do the dishes and re-boot the laundry. 

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