Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ah, here we go again!

Well, I had a doctor's appointment today...14 week ob.  He wanted me to do a 1 hour glucose test while I was there...early screening since I had gestational diabetes with the last pregnancy.  He said my numbers should be at 130 or lower.  I just checked my results online...147.  Ugh.  Next comes the 3 hour fasting test, then the appointment with the endocrinologist and I'm sure a nutrition class.  Hopefully this time, I can keep things where I won't be needing insulin.  God is in control, and He will give me what's best for me.  Another wake-up call is what this is.  I just hope the changes we've been making to our diet are not too late, and I pray it will be enough so that I won't develop permanent diabetes.  Diabetes AND ms?  Lord, give me strength...I know You will give me exactly what I will need to get through anything.

Right now, it's late, and I really need to think about getting to bed.  Good night all!

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