Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Organizing: A little at a time

Over the holidays, my home has become harder to clean once again.  I know it's because I have been letting the clutter go, and things have become unorganized again.  So I am on a mission to fix this.  But, I'm not going to overwhelm myself as I had in the past.  I'm just doing a little bit at a time.  Keep the daily basics done, and organize as I feel like it.

I have kicked it off with going through the fridge.  Yes, we did have leftovers last night, but it didn't do a whole lot to make room in my fridge.  So, even though I knew what leftovers we had, I went through with a special focus on all the other "stuff" and their expiration dates.  How often do you look at the dates on your condiments and all that other stuff that goes in the door?  Apparently, I do not look often enough.  I made LOTS of room just in the door alone, as well as the rest of the fridge.  I am going to make an effort to do a date check from now on once a month.  Now, I didn't clean the fridge, as in scrub it down or anything...that will be for another time.  But now, I can open my fridge without my blood pressure going up LOL!

And, I have decided, if that's all the *extra* work that gets done today, that's fine!  My body's already working hard enough as it is.    And what with the new eating habits being introduced, I'm expecting to feel worn down for a while, so I am trying to make myself take it easy without feeling guilty about it.  I know there will come a time sometime a few months from now when I won't be able to sleep at 3 in the morning because I will just HAVE to go scrub my kitchen floor or some such nonsense.  LOL!  I have noticed that every pregnancy the nesting syndrome gets worse.  I remember with my youngest, I was folding and organizing the baby clothes *while* I was walking through the house getting other things done, and even while I exercised!  Talk about multi-tasking LOL!  This time, the baby clothes are already organized, so who knows what I'll be up to?

Anyways, the boys are still napping, so I think I will try to go lay down for awhile.  Only 2 1/2 more days in the 1st trimester!  Hee you think on Tuesday I will automatically get a huge burst of energy?  LOL!  I can hope, anyway, can't I???

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