Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's almost time!

Sorry I never finished my update.  Things have been crazy around here!  We will be finishing up 2nd grade with Vincent next week.  Well, if we make it that long before little Isaac arrives.  I had an appointment yesterday, and things have definitely progressed!  I am a little over 36 weeks, so I can go into labor at any time.  I really feel like it's going to be soon, but then again, that could just be wishful thinking, too.  Although, the dog's been acting really weird and following me everywhere I go.  LOL!  I have also officially gotten into my nesting stage.  Yesterday was spent reorganizing the kitchen.  Today I will move on to the hallway and probably dining room and living room, depending on how my energy holds out.  I also need to do the floors again, as the (even just slightly) dirty floors have really been bugging me lately!

I still need to pack hospital bags for myself and Isaac.  I should probably do that soon, huh?

So, if things go according to plan (HA!), we will finish 2nd grade next week.  I would ideally like to start 3rd grade in the middle of August.  Nick and I decided we would try more of a year-round school year.  That way, when unexpected things come up, we can take the time off we need without worrying about school running late into the summer.  We are actually doing better than last year, and we even have next year's curriculum already!  All I have to do is buy a few supplies we're running out of and get to the library, and we will be ready to go.  I cannot wait to start will be so fun!  We have had so much fun this year, and next year looks even better.  Hopefully, I will be able to keep up on posting what we're doing in school more than I did this year!

Also, we will officially be moving now the first week of December.  So, after things settle down with Isaac and we get settled into our next year of school, we will be doing some "real" packing.  And along with that, more thorough de-cluttering and cleaning.  So, also look for future posts on that progress.

I plan to try to post again before little Isaac gets here, but we know how those plans go, don't we?  LOL!  Anyway if I don't get on before then, the next post you will read will be all about how Isaac came into the world.

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