Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting serious...

...about de-cluttering, that is.  Well, for the moving sale, anyway.  We are going to try to have our moving sale this weekend.  But, the weather in the forecast for Friday and Saturday does not look good, so we are praying for a change in weather.  In the last couple of days, I've got my kitchen, pantry, mudroom, foyer, dining room, and living room completely combed-through, de-cluttered, and re-organized.  I even managed to vacuum the floors tonight before the boys went to bed.  It's definitely feeling pretty nice in here.

Tomorrow, I will work in our upstairs rooms.  I should be able to get those done in one day, since there's not much to cover.  If hubby's off from work (still not sure, I haven't talked to him yet), he will tackle the basement (that's the biggest clutter spot right now.  Then, together we will do the front porch, where we have begun collecting things that we have packed and are moving with us, but we don't need right now.  God willing, this house is going to lose some serious weight this weekend.

In other news, the Moby wrap I mentioned buying a few posts down is working out *really* well...I REALLY love it, and Isaac is starting to as well.  Today was the first time he fell asleep in it, and it was nice just being able to do things without his fussing all afternoon.  Now, I cannot wait to take the boys to the park!  Who'd have thought I'd be saying that with 3 of them?!  Ah, they're good boys!

OH!  LOL!  And, the hormone thing is getting much better.  Thank you to all who have been praying for me and who have sent words of encouragement.  It means a lot, and has helped so much!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Up to our "ears" in corn

Ha ha it's a joke!  Sometimes I really crack myself up!  Okay, okay,  I know, I'm sorry...

Seriously, hubby came home last night with a HUGE box of corn-on-the-cob.  A buddy from his work grows it organically, and we got over 80 ears for $30!

Here's a bunch we blanched and are waiting to go in the freezer.

These we are going to leave in the husks and put them right in the freezer.

These are what's in the freezer now, and why everything else is waiting.  

The cobs we left the husks on can be thawed, soaked and then put right on the grill.  Yummy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A new school year

We were supposed to start ECC next week, but we are having our moving sale at the end of that week, so starting the school year then wouldn't be the best.   We have everything we need already, so we decided to start today and then take next week off.  We were too excited to wait another 2 weeks!  LOL!  We are off to an awesome start so far and I cannot wait to see the fruit this year produces!

We started the morning off with an easy cereal breakfast.  Baby Isaac was asleep, and after breakfast, Nick had to run some errands, so he took Andrew with him so that Vincent and I could have a quiet first day.    We started off learning about a book we will use this year called "Window on the World."  We also started learning cursive today as well.  That went over lots better than I thought, and he's doing a good job already!  Then, we picked up where we left off in math and English.  Vincent filled out his passport application to be able to "travel" around the world this year, and we started learning about maps for Geography.  For science, we learned about what environments are, and Vincent started his science notebook.  For music, we started listening to Wee Sing Around the World.  Lastly, Vincent picked up where he left off for reading...he started his McGuffey's 5th Reader today.  And I think before bed, we will find a book in the book basket to read aloud. 

Andrew is also way more interested in school than he was last year.  He and Daddy came home before we were finished, and he climbed up into a chair at the table and wanted to be a part of everything.    Next year, I will get him the preschool package from My Father's World.  He already has the toddler toys and has absolutely loved them.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sleep, excitement, and too much emotion

I can't believe I remembered how to spell the word sleep, let alone even remember what it is!  My little guy has decided that his time to be up is between 11pm and 4am.  Yowsers!  With Nick back at work and the other 2 boys to take care of, I'm exhausted.

I did have a happy moment, today, though.  Nick said I can go ahead and spend some money at the baby store!    I got a couple of swaddle wraps that will hopefully help Pork Chop (our nickname for him!) sleep better when the rest of us are sleeping.  I do have to work on keeping him up more during the day, though, too.  I swear, if I let him, I think he would sleep all day long.  I have to wake him up every few hours to nurse.  I must not be keeping him up long enough, though, and that's going to change real quick!  I also got a Moby wrap.  Even though this is my 3rd baby, this is the first I'm wearing at all.  It will take some time to get good at wearing the wrap, but I REALLY like it!  It will especially go really good with my nursing smock to make out-and-about nursing super modest.  It will also be good for when I *need* to be up and about doing things...right now, that's Isaac's 2nd favorite time to fuss.  (If you don't know his 1st favorite, go back and re-read about the sleep situation.)

In other exciting news, I have had a really bad emotional day.  My hormones have obviously taken another plummet...must have been during nap time when I wasn't paying attention.  I've been able to fall asleep during nap time for the first time all week.  I was actually doing pretty good before then.  I had gotten the same lack of sleep as I had the last few nights, but I woke up feeling well-rested.  Me and the boys went shopping, came home and had lunch, and all 3 boys went to sleep for their naps.  So I laid down and fell asleep for an hour.  When I woke up, I felt more tired than I had in a LONG time.  I also felt sick to my stomach and my c-sec scar hurt.  Five minutes after I sat up, I was crying, for no reason whatsoever.  No big deal, just what Nick likes to call my hormone happens after having a baby.  Half hour later, though, I was still just tearing up for NOTHING.  I picked up and then hung up the phone at least 5 times.  Nick didn't need the stress.  He was at work and there was nothing he could do about it.  Why should he have to try and trudge through his day knowing his wife was an emotional mess at home where he couldn't be?  But then again, maybe he *could* be home.  Maybe he would hear what's going on and rush right home to comfort me.  Back and forth, back and forth between rational and irrational thinking.  Guess which thought won out?  Let's just say NOT the rational.  I picked up the phone and made that shameful crying phone call to my hubby.

He was very, very nice about it.  I just have to throw in right here that I have the absolute best husband in the entire world.  While he didn't come home like I thought he would at the time (darn it!) he was still able to be there for me when I needed him.  Like he *always* is.  He is totally my "Jesus with skin on."  He has called back twice to see how I was doing.

Okay, this was going to be a short post.  Wow, I really ramble when I'm tired!  I hope I didn't bore you all too terribly.  If you made it this far, could I ask any of the prayer warriors who feel compelled to just pray for me during this time?  One good thing is, I have had some natural progesterone cream recommended that I ordered yesterday and should be getting soon.  I am anxious to see how it helps.

Yikes, I really have to go now.  We have been watching the Olympic opening ceremonies and I lost track of time...need to get the munchkins to bed!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New baby update! :-)

Isaac was born on July 16, at a whopping 10 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long.  Oh, and he has red hair.  I love it!  He is such a little sweetie pie, and my best nurser yet.    Here is a picture of him the day he was born.  I will try and post a birth story soon.

In other news, Vincent finished 2nd grade back in July and we will be starting 3rd grade on Tuesday August 19, using ECC from My Father's World.  We already have the curriculum, and just have to buy a few basic school supplies.  We are both very excited to get started!   Dh went back to work this week, and I was very tempted to just start now, since Isaac's sleeping so much during the day right now, but I held myself back. 

I am hoping to get back into some sort of routine here soon, so stay tuned for progress on that bit of our life.