Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting serious...

...about de-cluttering, that is.  Well, for the moving sale, anyway.  We are going to try to have our moving sale this weekend.  But, the weather in the forecast for Friday and Saturday does not look good, so we are praying for a change in weather.  In the last couple of days, I've got my kitchen, pantry, mudroom, foyer, dining room, and living room completely combed-through, de-cluttered, and re-organized.  I even managed to vacuum the floors tonight before the boys went to bed.  It's definitely feeling pretty nice in here.

Tomorrow, I will work in our upstairs rooms.  I should be able to get those done in one day, since there's not much to cover.  If hubby's off from work (still not sure, I haven't talked to him yet), he will tackle the basement (that's the biggest clutter spot right now.  Then, together we will do the front porch, where we have begun collecting things that we have packed and are moving with us, but we don't need right now.  God willing, this house is going to lose some serious weight this weekend.

In other news, the Moby wrap I mentioned buying a few posts down is working out *really* well...I REALLY love it, and Isaac is starting to as well.  Today was the first time he fell asleep in it, and it was nice just being able to do things without his fussing all afternoon.  Now, I cannot wait to take the boys to the park!  Who'd have thought I'd be saying that with 3 of them?!  Ah, they're good boys!

OH!  LOL!  And, the hormone thing is getting much better.  Thank you to all who have been praying for me and who have sent words of encouragement.  It means a lot, and has helped so much!

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