Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Monday, August 11, 2008

A new school year

We were supposed to start ECC next week, but we are having our moving sale at the end of that week, so starting the school year then wouldn't be the best.   We have everything we need already, so we decided to start today and then take next week off.  We were too excited to wait another 2 weeks!  LOL!  We are off to an awesome start so far and I cannot wait to see the fruit this year produces!

We started the morning off with an easy cereal breakfast.  Baby Isaac was asleep, and after breakfast, Nick had to run some errands, so he took Andrew with him so that Vincent and I could have a quiet first day.    We started off learning about a book we will use this year called "Window on the World."  We also started learning cursive today as well.  That went over lots better than I thought, and he's doing a good job already!  Then, we picked up where we left off in math and English.  Vincent filled out his passport application to be able to "travel" around the world this year, and we started learning about maps for Geography.  For science, we learned about what environments are, and Vincent started his science notebook.  For music, we started listening to Wee Sing Around the World.  Lastly, Vincent picked up where he left off for reading...he started his McGuffey's 5th Reader today.  And I think before bed, we will find a book in the book basket to read aloud. 

Andrew is also way more interested in school than he was last year.  He and Daddy came home before we were finished, and he climbed up into a chair at the table and wanted to be a part of everything.    Next year, I will get him the preschool package from My Father's World.  He already has the toddler toys and has absolutely loved them.

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