Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Packing, packing, packing...

Well, it is finally official.  Our move date is December 13.  That means we have less than a month to get this house packed up.  Time to kick it into high gear!  Hubby says, anything we haven't used in the past 2 weeks needs to get packed.  I am de-cluttering as I go.  I don't want to waste time and resources on stuff I don't want to move!  I am setting up a blog to sell stuff that I will share the address once I get it complete.  I have already started with the decor from the kitchen and foyer, but I think today I will go back to the kitchen and really start culling and packing anything we won't be using in the next 3 1/2 weeks.  Wow, that is such a short time.  Time to get moving!  Pardon the pun.    I will update as we get closer, and hopefully have some photos to share.

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