Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting settled

I don't have pictures yet, but will try and get some up in the next week. 

We are getting settled and re-adjusted nicely into our new house.  Moving so much stuff was an experience and adventure for sure!  We have one more major area to get unpacked, and that is the master bedroom.  We ALL love this new house the Lord has blessed us with!  We just keep finding more and more things to love about being here.

Today, Vincent made some new friends.  I am so happy for him.  Nick took Vincent and Andrew outside to go sledding before dinner, and some other kids joined them.  Andrew ended up coming in the house fairly quickly because he was getting whiny about the cold, but Vincent stayed out until we had to call him in for dinner.  He had a great time, and he looks forward to more! 

Nick brought home a tree yesterday, and it's settling in our living room...we will hopefully get it decorated tomorrow.  Sunday we are having my parents and brother over for lunch.  Tomorrow I will spend the day getting the final touches done with cleaning, and hopefully will get some Christmas decorating done.  Then, the few days before Christmas, I plan on doing at least a little baking.  I cannot wait to put my new kitchen to good use...not to mention the apron I won from Mrs. Mo!  That's another picture I will have to share later.  We will be celebrating at my parents' house this year, but next year, we will be back in hosting action. 

Anyway, I will try and be back soon with some pictures, although it will be pretty busy around here in the next week.

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