Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Monday, December 8, 2008

Moving update...some glitches, of course!

It's to be expected, right?  Our closing is not to happen tomorrow as planned.  They have not received one of Nick's employment verification forms, which was faxed to them, and they need a copy of my social security card, which I cannot seem to find.  I have to go apply for another, and they will take the print-off from that.  I went on Friday, but procedure was not followed (by the office, not me), and I didn't get everything I need.  Sooooooo, I went in today and took a number...there were about 60 ahead of me, and there were people there that had been waiting for about 2-3 hours.    I waited as long as I could, then Nick had to get to work, so we will try first thing tomorrow morning.  I'll get the paperwork I need, then we will head off to the sales office for the house to turn in what we need.  Hopefully, we will be able to close Wednesday or Thursday.  Nick says as long as we close by Friday, he will be happy.  He is not stressing, praise the Lord!  I was with the whole social security scenario, and I could tell my MS was trying to show through, but thank God I have calmed down since then.  I have taken some Excedrin for my headache, and I'm feeling much better...packing commences.   So, yes, if closing is any later than Friday, we will have a big mess on our hands.  We have a dozen or so people, some of whom have rearranged their schedules to help us move on Saturday.  Not to mention on Tuesday the inspector from the mortgage company is coming to make sure everything is cleaned up.  So, any prayers are definitely appreciated!

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