Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some new house pictures-after the move

I finally got around to taking some more pictures now that we're settled.

Here's the front entrance.

A closer look at our nativity.

The bathroom near the boys' rooms.

The living room.  I had a picture that was more to the left that showed the fireplace and Christmas tree, but it didn't turn out...the dining room one did the same thing, so I will have to show those off later. 

My--yes, I said MY--kitchen.  LOL!

The counter is a little cluttered with Christmas treats at the moment. 

Here's a couple of views of the dining room that I DO have...the school section (yes, it needs a little organizing, even though we haven't started back with school yet LOL!).

And our china cabinet.

Moving on to the laundry room.  Excuse the mess...those boxes and everything are gone now.

The master bathroom.  If you walk in and go to the right, that's where our sink is.  There's cabinets under the sink.  Then, if you're standing at the sink and turn to look behind you, you will see a floor-to-ceiling set of cabinets/drawers, and next to that, a HUGE linen closet.  I love it!

Moving through the master bathroom into the master bedroom.

Hey, who's that?

Someone is up from their nap!  He must've heard the camera clicking and just had to ham it up.  Hello, Isaac!

After such a break of cuteness, why even bother with the rest of the pictures???  Oh, well...moving on to the backyard. Stepping out onto the deck.

Here's our shed, when you look to the right.

And to the left, here's the field/sledding hill where the kids play.

When I stepped outside the other night, I had to run back in and get the camera for this beautiful picture, just after sunset.  The picture totally doesn't do it justice...I swear the camera shrunk the moon (that puny little light just to the left of the tree branches).

In my next post, I think I will talk about routines that I want for our new home.


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