Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A testimony

First of all, I just have to say GOD IS SO GOOD.  I have seen Him work many miracles lately.  Especially throughout this move, He has been so good to us.  There is no limit to His provisions.  It starts with our washer.  Actually, it starts before that.  We are moving because we lost our house.  I won't get into the long story about it, but let's just say it was getting to be too much for us to keep up on.

A couple of months ago, our washer broke down on us.  Finances have been so tight lately, not to mention, how could we justify even buying a cheap dryer in the classifieds when we were moving in a couple of months?  I put out a wanted ad on freecycle for one and prayed someone would respond.  Someone did, that very evening.  The next day, we had a working washer again.  It's a 2/3 size, but it works for us.

Next, going over the budget, we were wondering how we were going to come up with moving expenses.  We prayed about it and the next day an envelope from FedEx shows up at our door with a letter saying the mortgage company wants to work out a deal.  If we vacate by the date we are supposed to and leave the place in decent condition, they will cut us a check.  No strings attached whatsoever.  When we called the number to confirm, we found out the check is going to be more than we expected...much will more than cover our moving expenses!

We went and applied for a loan for our new home.  Except for the foreclosure, our credit is pretty good and hubby's income is great, so we were able to get a very nice new manufactured home...see the photos below!  It includes my dream kitchen, and so many other things that will be sooooooooo much better for our family than where we're at now.  We got approved and the funds have fallen into place.  We close on it next Tuesday.  Although our budget is still pretty tight until things settle, it has improved greatly over the last couple of weeks.

The ONLY problem with our new home is that we have to provide the washer and dryer.  Which we have, but the home is set up for electric...we have a gas dryer.  And our washer's pretty small, but we would take it if we had to.  I once again put out another post on freecycle last week for a working electric dryer.  This time I got no responses, so we started checking out some classifieds.  We actually found some used sets and just dryers that were fairly cheap, and were prepared to buy.  It would really stretch our budget, but this is a need we have, so we were willing to move things around for it.  I just checked my email a little while ago, and someone actually responded to the freecycle post!  They have a full size working electric dryer AND a full size working washer that are taking up space that we can have!  I just started bawling.  God never fails to provide for our needs, if only we would ask Him.

These are the major things...there are also many little things in between that my Father has done for us!  I have seen him work in so many ways throughout this.  He is so good!  To HIM goes all the credit and glory!  Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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