Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our school room

Someone asked on a board that I'm part of how everyone's school room is set up.  I thought I'd make it easier and put mine in a blog post with pictures.    We don't have a separate school room, but besides eating, our dining room is used mostly as a school room.  Here's some general shots...

As you can see, we have school-related things all over.    But it's mostly concentrated to this corner.

The bottom 2 shelves (of the book shelf on the left) are for encyclopedia-type books.  Then next shelf up contain the toddler toys and board books for Andrew.  The next shelf is chapter books for Vincent.  The first shelf contains books related to our current curriculum, plus dictionaries and easy readers.  On the very top is a basket containing markers, this year's binders holding Vincent's papers, an art case and a bunch of different kinds of paper/paper pads, and our globe.

The shelf next to the white cabinet contains art/activity supplies and our ant hill on the bottom shelf.  Andrew's puzzles on the next shelf up.  The next 2 shelves contain general books and books from previous years, plus pattern blocks and perler beads.  On top is a bucket of play-doh, a play-doh caddy, and our electric pencil sharpener, tape dispenser, and stapler.

The basket on the white cabinet contains general art supplies.  The stack next to that is all the books I need for the next school day.  The rest of the cabinet contains science or other kits and extra school supplies.

We have much more space than our old house, and we love it!  Things are so much better organized and accessible.  And I LOVE having the kitchen right there for our kitchen-type science experiments and lessons that involve cooking...don't have to walk through 2 rooms and around the corners anymore to go back and forth! 

So, that's our school for us!

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