Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back to the basics

A long time ago, I went by the FlyLady system and it worked really well for me.  Since then, I've tried a good mix of different techniques for keeping my home.  Now, with the home I'm in now, it seems like doing things the FlyLady way makes a lot of sense, so that's what I'm going with, for the most part.  Mostly, I'm following the "zone" schedule, and maybe a few other things, but I have kind of developed my own way of doing things, now that I've been at this homemaking thing for awhile.   For instance, our weeks around here start on Sunday, not Monday.  Most of the time, Nick's work schedule is Sunday -Thursday, so that's what our whole family's "work week" is, including homeschool.  Although, we still tend to keep Sundays light.

Anyway, this week in my home, I will be working on the main bathroom, plus one other room.  I have decided that "one other room" is going to be the older boys bedroom.  The place is a disaster.  On the surface it doesn't look to bad.  On the surface.  You go anywhere beyond the surface, and it's scary.  I would say that is the one room in this whole house right now that needs a serious de-cluttering.  They have such a nice, huge closet that has so much organizing potential, but right now, no one wants to touch it.  So, as soon as I'm done with the bathroom, I'm rolling up my sleeves and going in!  I hope to be done with the bathroom tomorrow, so that I have almost a whole week to work on the boys' room.

So, in upcoming blogs, I hope to share routines being set up, more studies on joy, homeschool happenings, and fun things with the kids.

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