Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Master Bathroom

I got my entire master bathroom organized AND clean!  Yay!  It feels so good to have this done...way more functional.  Plus, now I have more room to store stockpile items.    I play the Grocery Game, and my stockpile is ever growing.  Now, I will share pictures with you of my beautiful bathroom. 

I love the cute little window!  And it's textured, so you can't really see in or out, but it adds natural light, which I love.

And this is the most excellent shower.  It has it's own light, two heads and two seats.  Okay, moving on...

This is standing with my back to the toilet area.

I hope to get a towel bar for this area, so I don't have to put the hand towel on the counter.

Here you can see the linen closet across from the vanity.

And this is just to the right of the linen closet (I LOVE the cabinet space!!!!).

This is standing with my back to the floor-to-ceiling cabinets...going into the master bedroom, which, you can see far back there, goes into the living room.

And this is standing with my back to the master bedroom.  This goes to the laundry room.  Umm, ignore the mess...that's a whole 'nother project! 

So, there's the photo tour of my finally *organized* and clean bathroom.  Yes, I know it needs a little something on the wall.    I still have to find a few things, but, nothing's going up there until it gets painted, hopefully sometime this spring or summer (along with a few other rooms!).  Now, for the rest of the week, I move on to the master bedroom.  I'm actually quite excited to get through the house.  I guess this is a spring cleaning of sorts, but SHHHHHHHHHHHH, don't tell that to my inner child.  LOL!

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