Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A brief internet break

I am back after a brief break from the internet. It was involuntary, because our internet went down after someone from the cable company came and buried the cable line (it was installed in the winter, so they had to wait until the ground was thawed to bury it). Then, we had to wait 2 days to get an appointment for someone to come back out here to fix the mistake.

It was actually kind of nice being internet-free for a couple of days! I got so much done around here. I am supposed to be working on the master bedroom and bathroom this week. I did get them cleaned, and since I pretty much got them de-cluttered last month, I decided to go back to work on the older boys' room. I got it completely done yesterday, including the closet! We have FIVE garbage bags full of stuff to give away and we ended up using an entire garbage bag for the stuff we needed to throw away. It feels SO nice to have that done!

I started on the baby's room today. Since we got rid of so many toys from the older boys' room, they had a whole toy rack (the rack that you put the different colored containers in) that was going unused, so I moved that into the baby's room, as we were still using bins for his toys. When Isaac wakes up from his nap, I will go in there and finish up his room and get started on his closet. Since we have Awana today, I probably won't finish it, but who knows? It's definitely not as bad as the one I did yesterday. We'll see. ;)

We also sorted through all of our board games and puzzles today and managed to fill 2 bins to get rid of. So, yes, our house is losing some weight! :D I am just amazed that with all the de-cluttering we did before we moved, we are still getting rid of this much stuff. Hubby's also going to go through our shed sometime within the next couple of weeks and de-clutter in there. So, we will have a LOT of stuff to bring to wherever hubby decides to drop it off. :)

I will probably be taking some of these breaks more often!


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