Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Evening Routine

I thought I'd start by posting one of the most important routines of my day, in keeping my home.

This starts after dinner and a time of relaxing a bit. Baths don't happen every day, but I've put them into their normal spot on the days they do happen.

Load dishwasher and start-Vincent
Wash dishes that don't go in the dishwasher-Mom & Vincent
Pick up kitchen-Mom
Pick up dining room-Vincent
Sweep kitchen & dining room-Vincent
Keep laundry going if necessary-Mom or Vincent
Make sure Isaac's room is cleaned up and everything is put back-Mom, Vincent, Andrew
Isaac's bath-Mom, but Vincent and Andrew help sometimes
Feed Isaac-Mom usually does his bedtime bottle
Put Isaac to bed
Andrew's bath-Mom helps, although he can mostly do this on his own
Make sure Vincent's and Andrew's room is cleaned up and everything is put back-Vincent while Mom is helping with Andrew's bath
Vincent also gets his bath stuff ready so he doesn't have to go in his room while Andrew's trying to fall asleep
Bedtime prayers
Andrew goes to bed-Mom tucks him in
Vincent takes his bath
Go through the rest of house and make sure everything is picked up and put away, and for the most part clean-Mom and Vincent (he joins in after his bath on bath nights)
Mom and Vincent relax for awhile while we wait for Andrew to drift off. If Vincent tries going to bed before Andrew is asleep, Andrew will start talking away. So for now, we just wait until he's asleep, then Vincent goes in to bed.
This is when I usually check email and do online stuff, if I didn't do it after Andrew went to bed. I also pull out my bible and read along while I listen out loud on BibleGateway. For some reason with me, I have found that I retain what I read more than when I just read or just listen. So, I do both. A lot of times I'll read until Nick comes home, either the bible, or another book I'm reading...but I always try and get some bible reading in first. I also have a flashlight in my nightstand that I use to read before I go to sleep if I have energy to stay up a little longer. Usually I'll read until I fall asleep, hence the flashlight. That way, I don't have to get up to turn the light off (we don't have lamps in our room...yet). I'll usually wake up, turn off the flashlight, put it and my bible down, and go back to sleep.

Sound like a lot? Well, it does get a lot done. I definitely like having the house all ready when I get up in the morning. But in reality, once you get used to doing it, and especially if you get the kids involved (I think this is key!), it doesn't take long at all! On non-bath night, I would say 45 minutes, from the time I start the routine, until the time I put Andrew to bed. And that includes putting 2 kids to bed at separate times and a feeding for the baby.

So, that's our evening routine.


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