Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekly Cleaning Rotation

My weekly cleaning schedule is one of those things I picked up from that I keep in my routines. Every month, I follow the same cleaning rotation:

Week 1: Front hall, dining room, and yard
Week 2: Kitchen
Week 3: Main bathroom and one other room (which I rotate the older boys' room, the baby's room, and the laundry room)
Week 4: Master bedroom and bathroom
Week 5: Living room

The one thing I don't follow from Flylady is that I do detail cleaning in each area, even if it's not totally de-cluttered yet. Clutter bothers me, but leaving things dirty/unclean bothers me even more. So I basically make sure the area is picked up, give it a good cleaning, then de-clutter here and there as I feel like it.

I also do the "Home Blessing" every week, although I have modified that to fit my needs as well. I don't necessarily have a set day every week for it, I just fit things in where I can, and as needed...sometimes I need to do certain things more than once. Here are the components of my "Home Blessing," which is the weekly cleaning that stays consistent every week, all month long:

Change sheets (I do mine & hubby's bed and Isaac's crib; the boys do their own)
Dust (yes, I have Flylady's feather dusters, bought them quite a few years back and I *love* them!)
Glass-I run around with the bottle of glass cleaner and a rag and clean any glass surfaces that need it, including windows and mirrors. This doesn't take very long if I'm keeping up on it and am only doing spot cleaning.
Vacuum carpets
Mop floors (the sweeping is done daily)

Most of the time, this will not get all done at once, or even all in the same day. Although I do like to try to keep the dusting and glass cleaning together, and vacuuming and mopping together, if time allows. If not, oh well! I've learned in the past, I am not the type of person who can stick to a list strictly, even though I *do* need those lists! At least for awhile. I tend to rely more on just *knowing* my routines, and I'm more of a do-it-as-you-see-it-needs-it kind of person. It works for us! And it helps to train my kids to listen more to me, instead of them getting too used to a strict schedule and then saying, "But Mo-om, we NEVER do this thing on this day at this time!" when I need to change things a bit.


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