Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Friday, July 31, 2009

Amazing Changes

Sorry it's been awhile...I've been taking a break from certain areas of the internet lately to kind of re-evaluate my priorities. I've been hanging out on Facebook, but that's about it. No groups, no tons of blog reading...maybe a few blogs here and there that I'm really wanting to keep up with, especially MckMamma's goings-on with baby Stellan. Please keep this family in your prayers if you feel so led.

For now, I just want to talk about how God has led our family down some incredible paths lately. I can't really talk about everything here, but just know He has released us from a TREMENDOUS burden that was weighing us down big time. And, as usual, it was all done in his perfect timing! I cannot tell you how freeing it is to just be able to trust in the Lord and let Him take care of you! Yes, sometimes it is SO hard to wait on His perfect timing (and trust me, in this case it WAS really hard!), but, oh, the blessings He will pour down on you when you just submit yourself to Him and His will and His plan. So many times in these last couple of months, we were so sure that OUR plans were the right plans, and even what the Lord had wanted for us, but we never really, truly can see the BIG picture...GOD'S picture. Yes, God is truly good, ALL THE TIME!

So, I'm am working to try and get blogging regularly again...about being a mommy, about being a housewife, about being a child of God...not necessarily in that order! ;) Plus, blogging kind of holds me accountable in a way, and I so need to get some accountability back here! I've gotten better over the last week, but man, for awhile there, I was really letting things go around the house just from a pure lack of motivation from the stress we were under. Thankfully, with the way I had things going before everything happened, it hasn't been like pulling teeth to get back under control again. So, look for our daily goings-on and maybe even a photo house tour soon!