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Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A rant: Open Your Eyes, People!

I usually try to stay away from politics on my blog, but this was just too much. This was brought on last night when hubby was flipping through the channels and accidentally lingered a little too long on MSNBC. It was a good thing he turned it after thirty seconds due to his own disgust, because I was already seeing red.

They were talking about taking the health reform plan to various town hall meetings, and were talking about all the "loud, shrill voices" and the "disruption" being caused by people who are against government health care. Are you kidding me?!?! I'm sorry, but those "loud, shrill voices" are the voices of the American people, who YOU POLITICIANS are *supposed* to be working for! If this were a few years ago and this were some sort of reform President Bush was trying to push through and the liberals were voicing their opinion, this liberally biased media would be saying how wonderful it is that the American people are speaking out and those darned politicians just aren't listening. But no, people like us are "disruptive" and I'm sure they're thinking "dissenters." And now the White House wants people to report websites who disagree with their health care reform??? Seriously?!?! Does this, or does this not, sound like DICTATORSHIP???

Let me ask you, since when has the government stuck their nose into something, that it has gotten better? Or cost LESS? HA! Why is NO ONE talking about Medicare/Medicaid??? Is anyone who has to rely on that singing it's praises? WHY is no one concerned about the fact that the government (higher-up employees, anyway) will get a totally different and separate health care plan, different from the citizens? Why are doctors and nurses actually living the system in Canada and saying "DON'T do it!" being shut up and swept under a rug? Think you're going to be able to keep your private insurance? Observe Obama's actual plan:

What is going to happen to people who have issues that without proper and PROMPT treatment could possibly KILL them a lot faster? Ask the healthy people in a country with socialist health care and yes, they will sing praises of a single payer system. They get a cold or an ear infection, or their kids do, and they can get in the same day and get it taken care of and it's "free." Guess what? No, it's not free, the taxpayers are paying for it! Now, go to that same country and ask someone with cancer how they're liking their health care system. Do you know that in Canada, if you're diagnosed with cancer, you get put on a 3 YEAR WAITING LIST just to get seen by a specialist? Do you know how many patients die in that amount of time? Still think socialist health care is going to save a lot of lives?

And every time a politician or someone in the media opens their mouths, the number of uninsured in this country gets bigger and bigger. There are 47 million in the US without health insurance. NOT hundreds of millions, certainly NOT billions, as I heard last night on MSNBC! A good chunk of those are people who WILLINGLY opt out of the insurance they are offered. Another good chunk of those are most likely illegal immigrants. Key word: ILLEGAL, as in, they are not supposed to be here! They are not paying taxes, yet somehow they are recieving all the benefits. I can't say exactly how I know because I would be revealing too much about a family member and their past employment, but believe me, there are people on the databases that have never paid a cent of tax to this country in their entire lives, yet are enjoying retirement benefits as I type.

No, we don't have the perfect system for health care, no one ever will. What can we say, though, about the *quality* of our health care compared to the rest of the world? There's a reason people from other countries come to America when they're sick (if they can afford to travel). And before you start throwing tomatoes at me, I'm ALL for making sure everyone's taken care of and less people are dying! That is not what I'm saying! Getting the government involved in health care is NOT the way to do it! I even don't mind helping out. It's being FORCED to "help out" that I have an issue with. And it's when the money that's being stolen (yes, STOLEN) from my husband's hard-earned paycheck may not even be going to help someone TRULY in need of it, since there's already so many who take advantage of the system because they don't WANT to work hard for what they have like so many Americans do.

Anyway, this vent went on longer than I expected it to...there's so much more I want to say, but I'll leave it at what it is for now. I'm sure most of your eyes have all glazed over by this point. I'm not going to apologize for my rant, truth be told, I'm extremely concerned about this going through. Concerned for what will happen to my own health as well as many others across the country who will eventually get put on waiting lists. Oh, but OUR country certainly won't be anything like all those *other* countries who have adopted this very same system, will we? (Note: the sarcasm)


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