Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Sunday, October 18, 2009

And yet a little while longer...

All I can say is, What a month! I really am going to commence posting soon as our routine is back to normal. Yikes, we've been going back and forth with illness in this house for about a month now, with it culminating last Thursday (after I had a Wednesday night fever of 106 YIKES!) with a trip to urgent care for our. whole. family. Yes, you heard that right, all five of us waited right on through dinner time for our turn. And then they couldn't take all five at once, so I went in with the baby and hubby went in with the other two boys. We left with hubby having a sinus infection and possible flu, myself having an ear infection (which has since turned double) and possible flu, Vinny our horse being perfectly fine, Andrew with the beginnings of an ear infection and possible flu, and the baby got away with an eye infection and a cold. So we headed on home with our 500 pound bag of prescriptions and are praying for TOTAL healing soon! I wonder how long it will be before we can laugh at this? I guess the fun side was that we were eating dinner when the youngers should have been in bed. Could you call that fun? I think the kids probably could. But I digress...

All that to say, I totally miss blogging and will be back soon, but as I'm getting better, my main priority is to make sure our home is CLEAN and that I'm getting back to cooking our meals. :) At least it will be a good time (at least for ME anyway!) to go back over what I've already worked on in Proverbs 31 and have a refresher week, and get myself back on track there. Although, hopefully, I think I can say besides being able to do meals, I haven't really gotten off track. :)



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