Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

You will notice more dinner "repeats" from last week. *Blush* We are still catching up...for some reason, we seem to have had an abundance of leftovers to go through. ;) From now on for Sunday, I will only be posting dinners, as on that day it's mostly a free-for-all for breakfast, and lunch at my parents'.

Sunday: Winter pot roast, wild rice pilaf, pumpkin dinner rolls

Breakfast-Cereal, yogurt
Lunch-Make-your-own sandwiches, chips or crackers
Dinner-Meat & potato salad, raw baby carrots and celery with homemade dill dip, baby dills

Breakfast-Peanut butter toast, orange juice, yogurt
Lunch-Egg salad sandwiches on toast, crackers
Dinner-BBQ chicken, sweet potato fries, corn sticks

Breakfast-Breakfast burritos, bananas
Dinner-Leftovers (Awana night)

Breakfast-Cereal, hard boiled eggs, tea
Lunch-Cheese quesadillas, spanish rice, corn
Dinner-Chili-mac skillet, veggies, bread

Breakfast-Waffles, fruit, yogurt
Lunch-Mac & cheese, bread

Breakfast-Scrambled eggs, muffins, yoogurt
Dinner-Noodle & veggie dinner, bread

Just shooting from the hip here, as my computer is bogging down and I can't open Word to get to my menu. :( That's okay. :) Since I can't open it, I will just be referencing my blog, anyway.


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