Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Monday, January 4, 2010

A year with a deep focus on family, health, and home

I refused to do New Year's resolutions this year. I have given up on New Year's resolutions because, well, I always give up on New Year's resolutions. LOL!

However, I do have a vision for how I want this year to go (I know, I know, when we plan, God laughs). My aim (not just for the New Year) is for a closer family, for a home that is a sanctuary, and for good health for my family. I don't have a "start date", or a certain time that I want to accomplish these goals by, but rather, little things I want to start implementing a little at a time. I don't want to set myself or my family up for failure! All I want to see by the end of the year, is that my family has grown in their relationships with each other, that we are at least a little healthier than we are now, and that our home is a little bit cozier.

The first thing I have in mind, that will cover all three of my goals, is to make a habit of eating every meal we can *together* at the table. Over the last year, we have gotten out of the habit of that, and I want it back!

Also this week, as soon as all the pop is gone from the house, that's it, it's not coming back. That has to be the number one diet killer. It will be mostly water for us from now on if we are thirsty (the kids don't drink pop anyway, this one's mostly for Mom and Dad!). If we want a "treat," we do like the Arizona green tea and tend to keep that in our fridge, so we can have that. :) This is how it will be with most things in our diet...I don't like picking a start date for quitting something, only to have to throw whatever it is away and waste hard-earned money. We will just gradually replace our foods with healthier things as we are ready.

I think the only goal for my home this week is to get the Christmas things put away, and to keep it picked up and maintain laundry. There are so many things I have in mind for our home, but I am teaching myself to be content with what I have. I know that I can make our home a sanctuary more by the work of my hands, than by spending money on things that are not necessary. There will come a time for that when we are financially able, but for the moment, I am content to work with what I've got, which is already way more than enough. :)


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