Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly Homekeeping

Once the daily chores are done or in progress, I begin tackling the weekly chores.

Change beds
Wipe fingerprints/smears from doorknobs, woodwork, phones, computer, and switch plates
Wash entire bathroom (both)
Clean entire kitchen
Wash out garbage cans
Vacuum floors/furniture
Wash all washable floors
Odd jobs (will post about these later)
Mini-cleaning and laundering (because let's face it, a family of 5 cannot do laundry or vacuum just once per week!)
Iron clothes
As needed:
Wash mirrors

With the weekly list, I do cross off as I go. I don't really have a routine to complete this list, I just try to get it done before the next week starts.

If I finish the weekly list with time to spare, I begin on my monthly list.



  1. interesting... I have been struggling to do the weekly chores all in one go, on Saturday morning, and have failed. I never thought of trying to do them over the course of the week. I know that sounds dumb, I just thought Mendleson intended that the chores be done all at once! I think I'll try crossing it off a list as I go... much more flexible!

  2. I remember trying to get all my weekly cleaning done in one day! It just seemed like such a nice thought to do it all and just be done with it for another week. ;) Once son #2 came along, I burned out a lot quicker trying to do it that way. Spreading it out over the week is just so much, if I have a day where I have a ton of energy to burn, I have fun seeing how much of my weekly list I can get done. :)