Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weight Loss-How I'm Doing It

One of the exciting things that has been happening in our family lately is that hubby and I are losing weight. We have been at it since mid-January, and to be honest, this is the longest in a long time that I have stuck with something that works. I don't want to say "diet," because that's NOT what it is at all. Hubby has lost a little over 20 pounds, and I have lost 13.5 pounds so far. We still have quite a ways to go (me more so than my hubby), and we've both been down this road before, so the stage we are in right now is nothing really new. But, the progress in encouraging nonetheless. :)

As I said, we are not following any diet...we have both had it with those! I am thoroughly convinced that if you combined all the diets out there, you would only be able to drink water all day (in some cases, maybe not even that!). Since I was about 12 years old, I have had my experience with the variety of dieting methods. Many of them worked for awhile, none were permanent.

The first thing we did, was start using our Wii Fit Plus again. :) It's a fun way to get exercise in, especially in the middle of winter. Hubby began tracking his calories, then a friend of mine referred me to a free website where you can set calorie goals and track calories. This was wonderful, since I'm not the speediest person when it comes to doing math in my head, and I have a hard time remembering things that aren't right in front of me. :) Hubby set his calorie goal, and I entered my weight, height, and activity level into the website and it gave me my calorie goal. THAT'S IT. All we do is make sure and stay under our calorie goal every day, and do some form of exercise every day. Sunday is our free day...we don't track calories, but we don't go obnoxious, either. We just take a day where we're not worrying about how many calories we have, and maybe treat ourselves to something we wouldn't indulge in during the week.

At first, we just stuck with our current way of eating, but making sure we didn't go over our daily calories. However, over time, we learned that making healthier decisions regarding food meant that we could eat more, thus keeping our bodies satisfied throughout the day. It also meant more energy and more efficient workouts. We still have our share of less-than-healthy food in the house, but control (not just portion control, but SELF-control as well!) is the key. If I have calories left over, it's okay to have a serving of Twizzlers...just not half the bag! We have really gotten into the habit of measuring out our food, even our snacks, and sticking to the portions. That way, we're not in front of the computer or TV with a bag of chips or something similar, and of course, before you know it, they're almost gone! I have not done that once since we started in mid-January.

And I just have to say, I am so proud of my husband! It is really because of him that we finally decided to get this kick-started once and for all. It was about that time that he started school to be a firefighter, and he realized that if he really wanted this to happen, he HAD to get into shape, no ifs, ands, or buts. No "Well, I just really don't FEEL like working out today." It's just not an option with what he's training for.

And of course, ALL the credit goes to God! It is by His grace alone that we even got started, let alone made it this far. I thank Him every single time I look in the mirror or step on the scale and see a change. He alone is our strength!

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