Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy season and life lessons

This is probably our busiest time of the year.  Unlike many families, we are plugging away at school...we school year-round so that we can take breaks as needed in addition to our planned breaks.  But, we are also squeezing in as much "summer vacation" as we can as well.  We are big-time campers, and have been taking advantage of my husband's time off as well as the beautiful weather we've been blessed with lately.  We just recently got back from a week-long camping trip up north, and had an absolutely wonderful time.

The chaos that ensued when we got home, however, really showed me how NOT consistent I've gotten lately with the boys.  Our first full day back when we got home was pretty rough.  So, hubby and I did an evaluation and made sure we got our own hearts back in the right place.  This is so very important with kids!  If you're having problems with obedience or attitudes, the first thing you should ALWAYS look at is yourself.  I will admit from first-hand experience, this is an extremely hard thing to do, but it's an important first step (and believe me when I say, this isn't the first time I've had to do this!).  If you really want a piece of humble pie, sincerely pray and ask God to show you where you're going wrong.  Okay, even if you don't want that piece of pie, if you want to effectively lead your children, you really need to do a self-evaluation and ask God to show you where you need to change.  The humble pie is a side-effect, but I think it's an important one, too.  Ask God for forgiveness, and ask Him to line your heart up with His will.  This alone will work wonders.  Today was a wonderful day, and I feel like not only do I have my boys back, but that I have myself back as well.  :)  Seriously, today was just amazing, and I just need to say thank you to my Father.  He is truly amazing and He is GOOD, all the time!

Another thing that I'm excited about is school.  Vincent has been showing so much more excitement about learning lately compared to the past, that it's catchy.  :)  So, I have decided that whatever books I assign him to read, I am going to read, too.  Even though I read a LOT when I was younger, I didn't really read a lot of the classics, and I didn't really read any informational books unless I "had" to for school.  So, I'm reading the informational books I assign him for the subjects we are studying, and I will even get "adult" books on those subjects if they really interest me.  He is also going through a list of age-appropriate classics as part of his free-time reading, and I am joining him in those, as well.  So, don't be surprised if you see a lot of kid books in the sidebar.  ;)  It's never too late to get in some good reading if you missed out when you were younger!