Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Friday, December 31, 2010

No Resolutions Here, Just Renewed Goals

While I have come to view New Year's Resolutions with slight distain, I can't help but think about changes that need to be made and a renewed sense of purpose as the year comes to a close and a new year approaches.  In my head, resolutions are easily broken, too "set in stone."  It's either do it or don't, with no gray area in between.  However, I do recognize changes that need to be made, especially since the chaos of the holiday season usually throws many good habits to the wayside in our home.

When I set a goal or purpose to do something, I tend to pursue it full hilt, until I crash and burn.  With the list of changes I want to make floating around in my head, it seems as if that may be the case again, so I want to make sure and do this right.  No pressure.  :)

One of my goals for the upcoming year (although certainly not the first priority!) is to blog more regularly.  So with that, I intend to blog each of my goals in detail over the coming weeks.  Not only will that give me writing material, it will also help me really work out these goals in my mind, solidifying a good plan to actually carry them out and see them through to accomplishment.

So, for this, my first post in this "series," I really want to get a general idea of what I (and my family) want to accomplish this year.  Most of my goals have to do with habits.

1.  Godly/Bible habits
2.  Wifely habits
3.  Mommy habits/schooling habits
4.  Eating habits
5.  Exercise habits/health goals
6.  Internet habits
7.  TV habits
8.  Clutter-collecting habits
9.  Cleaning/homekeeping habits
10. Having fun habits :)

So, right there, it looks like I have ten posts coming up.  ;)  But, as someone who really doesn't like most things being absolutely resolute, they will be written as I have time.  And who knows, I may decide to do a few sub-posts on one habit, while skimming over another.  LOL!  But, it will be mine, and it will come from my heart, with guidance from the Lord.

Today, I have my son's birthday party to get ready for tomorrow (which is also my birthday, although his was earlier this week).  So, I will be busy with preparations for that as I hope for the family to be able to relax later.  :)  So, I wish you all a wonderful and blessed New Year's!

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