Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Product Review: Oster 6-Slice Brushed Stainless Steel Toaster/Convection Oven

This was my birthday gift last week, and I have to say, I LOVE it!  I had been hinting to my hubby that I wanted one now that we're trying to go completely gluten-free, as our regular toaster was 10 years old and seriously contaminated with gluten.  :)  So, if I had to get a new toaster, I wanted something that would serve multiple purposes, and this toaster oven does it!

I use this toaster oven practically daily.  It comes with 5 functions:  toast (of course!), bake, convection bake, broil, and warm.  In addition, it has a temperature knob that goes up to 450 degrees, and a timer knob that goes up to 60 minutes.  It also comes with an adjustable wire rack, a broiler/roaster pan with rack, and a pull-out bottom in the front for easy cleaning.

Just yesterday, I used it to make toast as a base for make-it-yourself individual pizzas for my family.  The toast function does take a little longer than a regular toaster, but I think it's definitely worth it, as you have more control as to how it turns out.  We pulled the toast out, added sauce, toppings, and cheese and put them back in under the broiler for a few minutes.  They came out perfect!  This was a huge hit and very fun for my little ones.

Other things I have made so far with this is baked chicken breasts, candied sweet potatoes (both with the convection mode), and cornbread (with the traditional bake mode).  All turned out perfect, and the chicken came out really moist.  The convection method didn't really save a whole lot of time, but it DID cut the time down some, and I imagine it would cut the time down significantly if you baked something like a whole chicken, which traditionally takes longer.

I love that I can fit a normal sized casserole dish in this oven, which not only frees up space in my regular oven if I need it, but also saves energy from having to turn on the big oven if I'm just baking one thing (like a few baked potatoes for lunch, or banana bread or a cake for dessert).

The only drawback I have observed so far is that it does get hot, especially on the top.  I learned this the hard way when I was making toast right on the rack for the pizzas, then grabbed the pan which I set on top of the oven to put the pizzas on.  It wasn't by any means scalding hot, but it did take me by surprise.  So, you definitely need to keep things off the top of it and give it a little clearance on the sides when it's in use.  And of course, keep little hands away!

All in all, I would enthusiastically recommend this oven to any of my family and friends who are in the market for either a toaster OR a convection oven.  In case I forgot to mention, I LOVE this appliance!  :)

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