Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Renewed Goals: Godly and Bible Habits

This first goal really needs to be dealt with by getting my heart, mind, and body aligned to the right priorities.  The very first thing I need to do each day to make sure things go right (and to make sure I'm truly ready when things go wrong), is to make sure that line of communication is open between me and God.  Of course, on His end, He is ALWAYS ready, but there are days when *I* forget to turn to Him, especially before I react.  And, those are the days when I didn't get up early or just plain "didn't have time" to just start out spending time alone with Him...talking with Him...and most important of all, LISTENING to Him.  And my excuse for those days?  I couldn't concentrate because the kids were distracting me.

But, let's get to the real heart of the issue here.  WHY were the kids distracting me?  Because that's what kids do, especially when they first get up in the morning and there is so much activity.  Did I know about this?  Yes.  Do I do anything about it?  I try, and I've had some good stretches in the past.  But, let's face it.  With all the sickness we've had in our household over the last couple of months, and then all the holiday chaos taking over after that (complete with some time off from homeschooling), trying to sleep in has become the norm lately.  And it has been showing, not only in where my heart is a lot of the time, but also in the behavior of my kids.  So, it's time to re-purpose to work on my morning wake-up time.

Now, in a way, this is going to go against my wanting to NOT go into things full-hilt.  But, there are just some things that are not an option.  I always say I'm "working on it," which leaves room for the option of just plain not doing it because I don't feel like it.  So, this is one of those things that I need not say "I will work on it," but rather, "I'm going to DO it."  From past experience, I know getting up in the morning with sufficient time before the kids get up is not something that I can "work towards."  Don't get me wrong, there ARE times where I need this option...this just isn't one of those times.

So, 6:00 AM.  That's it!  It's not a "goal," where I'm going to set my alarm clock 15 minutes earlier until I reach it, that's just when I am going to get up from now on.  Some people need to work toward it gradually, but I have learned that I can't do that because I will never get there!  ;)  Now, once I'm at it for awhile, I can always change it to an earlier time if I feel like I need to (for instance, if I'm barely making noise but the kids are still getting up 10 minutes after me...ask me how I got that idea...wait, don't).  And, of course, I WILL be going from a very simple morning routine at the start to adding things as I get used to it.  But, 6:00 is my desired wake up time, so that's when I'm going to wake up at the get-go.  No, I will NOT like it at first, and it WILL be tough, but as long as I'm sticking to it, my bed time will automatically adjust and before I know it, it will become second nature.  :)

Okay, ALL that build up, and then, here comes my teeny, tiny morning routine to start out with:
Wake up
Get dressed (because I know from experience, reading in bed usually ends with me waking up later using the book as a pillow LOL!)
Daily bible reading for about 30-60 minutes
Get the kids up and started on their chores

Tomorrow is not going to be pretty, but hopefully by the end of the week, I'll be used to it and ready to tackle the next things.  :)


  1. YOU GO LISA!!!!!!
    I need to get better at this too. I really should do the same thing. I keep telling myself that and that's all the further I get with it. Maybe I can get myself out of bed in the morning too and then also incorporate some exercise time. Never fails over here either though that no matter what time I have tried to get up my kiddos soon follow!

  2. Thanks, Cyndi! :) It's been almost 2 weeks now and it's working out well. It really is all about just getting through those first few days. It's one of those things where there's never a good time to start. You just have to be ready for your own resistance and know those first few days will be helps. LOL! Also, don't feel bad about hitting the snooze! I found myself hitting that button once every single morning, so now I just set the alarm for 9 minutes earlier...that way, I get to hit the snooze, but not feel bad because I'm still getting up when I want.