Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Humble Pie

So, I decided to participate in Amy's 3rd Annual S.H.M.I.L.Y. for 30 Days of Prayer.  I have the book The Power of a Praying Wife and have read (and prayed!) through it before.  I have been wanting to do it again, so I figured this must have been a nudge.  ;-)  Little did I know that on the very first day, God would dish me up a piece of humble pie.  I really should have known better.  The first step, after all, in praying for your husband, is praying for his wife.  :-)

I've never been perfect at the whole submission thing, although I am very passionate about biblical marriage because I have experienced first hand how things go when you do them God's way.  I have also experienced first hand how things can go when you don't do things God's way, but that's another post.  Wait, maybe not.

Seriously, though, I really do try to follow God's plan, because I REALLY like how my life is when I do!  Some days I try harder than others.  Well, lately, I'm ashamed to say, has been one of those times.  There's this one issue that I've really been "kicking against the goads" with my hubby lately.  It would already be bad enough if it was something that I "knew" he was in the wrong on (*cough*), but this is something I KNOW he's right about.  And I KNEW I was wrong for fighting the issue.  Ugh.

If you go to this post of Amy's, scroll down a little and take note of Stormie's conversation with God, the one that starts with, "Do you see the way he is, Lord?"  Yep, God used that one to get to me.  With HIS help, I was able to let go of this struggle TODAY and fall back in line with my husband's lead.  And I'll tell you something...what a relief!  I feel like a brick wall has been lifted off of my heart once again feels like it's in the right place.  :-)

Yes, change ME, Lord.

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