Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tackle-It Tuesday

Here in our home, we will be starting our new school year in a few weeks.  Yesterday, I started integrating our school-day schedule back into our lives to get re-acclimated to a stricter schedule.  Going from an 8 or 8:30 wake-up to a 5:30 (for me) wake-up, is not fun at first, but I'm doing it.  Even if I'm not all here yet.  But, I digress.

Part of getting ready for a new school year, for me, means getting some fall cleaning and de-cluttering done around the house.  While I do try and keep up on basics during our breaks, I will freely admit I slack off on any serious housekeeping.  So, I like to go through and make sure that the state of our home is not going to be a distraction while we're doing school.

All that said, I have decided to make today Tackle-It Tuesday.  I know I'm not the only mom who has at least one cleaning/de-cluttering project we keep trying to put off until it's practically staring us in the face (or someone else mentions that it's staring THEM in the face, you know, because you've just gotten that good at ignoring it yourself).  Well, today, on Tackle-It Tuesday, let's pick one project to tackle!  If it's too overwhelming, just pick one STEP of it to tackle.  You never know...once you get into it, you may decide to finish it.  But, if you don't, that's okay.  We're looking for progress here.

My project?  Ironing.  I've got quite the pile going.

I haven't decided if I'm going to finish the whole pile today, but I'm at least going to start.  (Have I ever mentioned ironing is probably one of my least favorite chores?)  This is one of those things, for me at least, where the hardest part is just getting started.

So, let's go!  Get something tackled.  :-)

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