Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: Not a Menu, But a Plan

I don't have my menus quite planned out yet for this week.  Lent starts this Wednesday, and I've really been thinking about a fast this year.  Hubby and I have fasted from various things in the past during Lent, things that perhaps have become an idol in our lives, bad habits,  or things we just needed to force ourselves to take a break from.  I think it's been at least a couple of years since I have seriously thought about something to fast from during Lent.  The start of this year has been a struggle trying to finally get myself healthy.  I started in between illnesses running through the family, and a strong start it has not been.

With that in mind, I began to really think about what the number one thing is right now that is causing me to be unhealthy, and I finally came to the conclusion that it is sugar, hands down.  I have studied the various forms of sugar, their impact on insulin, and insulin's impact on overall health.  Even when I'm counting calories, it seems there is still some form of sugar in anything that is even remotely processed.  Not to mention (it's confession time here, people) I am an absolute soda freak.  And let that be regular soda.  I cannot stand the taste of diet (not to mention, caloric difference aside, aspartame is just as bad for your health as sugar).  And the taste of regular soda has tainted me against the taste of healthier sodas that are made with stevia.

Tomorrow will be both my planning day, as well as my own version of Shrove Tuesday.  No, I will NOT be gorging myself, but there are a couple of things I feel the need to say good-bye to.  :-)  I have been looking at a few cookbooks and websites that provide the type of recipes I'm looking for in going sugar free (not going with the artificial substitutes, either).  From this I will be forming my menu plan.  So, this week I will skip blogging my menu plan, and will hopefully have one to post next Monday.

I also hope to blog my journey.  I know it will not be easy.  I don't think I've ever completely refrained from all refined sugar (I will still be eating natural sugar, such as fruit) from any significant period of time.  I have heard the stories of people who have, however, and I know the first week or two will not be very fun.  I do know, however, that as long as I keep my focus on God, and keep my purpose to be always honoring to Him, I know He will give me strength for this journey.  I am also so very blessed to have a great support system in my family.  I almost feel more sorry for them than for myself the next couple of weeks...hopefully, I won't be too much of a pain to put up with.  :/

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