Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Friday, May 10, 2013

Readjustment and Light School Days

This week has been a period of transition and readjustment for our family, as my husband temporarily goes back to working afternoons/evenings instead of days.  He's had a chaotic schedule this week, so we've had a little less time of school at the table, and a little more time than usual of life school.  There are still days that I struggle with feeling like we're behind.  Days that I need to remind myself that worrying about those things defeats the purpose of our decision to homeschool.  The only schedule we really have to worry about is God's.  ;-)

It seems that Spring has finally sprung here in Minnesota, and I think it might be finally safe to say we won't have to worry about snow anytime soon.  But, please don't fling any tomatoes my way if it turns out I'm wrong.  This IS Minnesota, after all, and I think I will give it another week before putting the winter gear away for the season!

I did want to share a resource I learned about from a fellow blogger.  These videos from Summit Curriculum are excellent.  They are aimed at the middle school level, but I also think they would be very good for for those at the high school level as well.  I'm even enjoying them as an adult!  Per Angel's suggestion, the first one I watched was "Guard Your Heart."  It is excellent, and I highly recommend it.  On one of the hectic days this week, I watched it with my oldest and we discussed it.  That was our school for the day!  I have also watched "Six Great Questions," "Dear Uncle," "The Case for Abortion," and "Marriage and Family."  All excellent, and I'm looking forward to when I can carve out some time to watch some more.  :-)

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