Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Lisa's Homemaking Corner

Monday, April 14, 2014

Menu Plan Monday 4/14/14

For the past week, I have been revamping our family cookbook.  The only recipes that I allow inside of it are tried, true, and loved recipes (well, at least well-liked) by my family.  I've been printing out recipes from Pinterest that we have decided we want to keep, and putting them in there as well.  I also have many loose recipes in the back pocket of the cookbook that we have yet to try.  They are either from magazines, or recipes I printed off a long time ago.  I'm glad I did, because when I went to go find the websites they came from to try and link them up to this week's menu, some of the sites were G-O-N-E, gone.  In trying to give the family cookbook an overhaul, I will be trying many of these loose recipes this week, so that I can either file them into the cookbook or toss them.  So, I will post this week's menu now, and later I will post the recipes that I cannot link to.

Sunday: Tacos (since we didn't get around to tacos on Saturday)
Monday: Goulash (made from some leftovers I have in the fridge)
Tuesday: Enchiladas, Dressed
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Oven-Fried Curried Chicken Fingers, Glazed Carrots
Friday: Baked Beef Stew, Biscuits
Saturday: Three-Layer Dinner

Happy Monday and have a wonderful week, everyone!  :-)

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